Data Science &
Machine Learning
in the Cloud

Your solution for Big Data applications
Hosted and managed in the cloud
End-to-end data management
Real time analytics and algorithms

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Deliver Personalized
Customer Experiences

Product Recommendations
Content Personalization
Dynamic Segmentation
Integrate across all customer touch points


Build a

Real time metrics and dashboards
Team collaboration
Identify and react to events in real time


Invest in
Over Implemetation

Low risk, no capital investment
Hosted in the Cloud
Rapid implementation
Scalable Big Data architecture

Oakmore Labs' cloud-based solution lowers the cost, complexity, and risk for your Big Data initiatives.

Our Big Data as a service platform allows you to focus on your solution, not your servers. Our hosted solution frees you from the complexity of installing and managing a distributed big data cluster. With Oakmore Labs, your team will use the same platform for interactive analysis, real-time algorithms, and in-depth machine learning jobs.

Oakmore Labs' integrated platform includes all the components you need to get value from your data analytics including cluster management, data ingest, exploration and discovery, real time and batch algorithms, and API integration endpoints. We are your complete big data solution: from the hardware to your application endpoints.

Complete Data Science Solution

data management

Data Integration & Management

With high speed data ingest and dynamic data model management, Oakmore Labs is the cornerstone to a robust data science platform.

exploration and discovery

Exploration & Discovery

Identify important trends in your data with real time dashboards, segmentation reports, and time series reporting.

In addition, you can get a statistical view of your data to identify correlations and spot anomalies.

Algorithms & Machine Learning

Perform advanced computations using built-in or customized algorithms.

Oakmore Labs' distributed in-memory computation layer enables high-performance algorithms across large data sets or real-time data streams.

real time APIs

Real Time Responsive APIs

Use REST APIs to respond to events in real time.

Oakmore Labs' platform can power customized consumer experiences, enable real-time decisioning, and send mobile or email alerts in response to custom events.